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Raport EBI

typ raportu Raport Current
numer 32/2012
data dodania 2012-10-31 18:02:52
spółka AerFinance SE

Notice of Annual General Meeting

AERFINANCE plc (the 'Company'), announces that the 2012 AGM will
take place on 21st November 2012 at 10.30 am at 4th Floor, ul. Sabaly 60, 02-174 Warszawa, Poland. The Notice of its 2012 AGM has
been posted to shareholders.

No person shall as a holder of an uncertified share be entitled to attend or vote or exercise any rights as a member of the Company in respect of any uncertified share unless on the day of the meeting he shall have deposited at the registered office of the Company a brokerage account statement, issued a maximum of one business day before the annual meeting showing the amount of shares
he holds, together with a statement in writing of his name and address and the brokerage account statement shall remain so deposited until after the meeting (or any adjournment thereof) for the purposes of which it was deposited.

Shareholders registered at the record date of 20th of November 2011 will
be eligible to participate and vote at the meeting.

The Company's Notice of its 2012 AGM together with the Directors' report
and audited accounts of the Company for the year ending April 2012 will
also be made available on the Company's website, as
well as by request at the Company's registered office.

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  • Bartlomiej Herodecki - CEO
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