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NewConnect - new opportunities for investors

NewConnect  provides with the opportunity to co-finance innovative companies and share in the rewards of their rapid growth. Trading is organised and regulated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange which has spared no effort to ensure that NewConnect is a highly transparent market with the security of trading which is normally expected in public markets.

NewConnect opens up entirely new opportunities to investors, offering:

  • easy access to promising, dynamically growing companies from Poland and the region,
  • low transaction costs,
  • all advantages of stock exchange trading including, first and foremost, security of trading.

NewConnect was specifically designed with less restrictive regulations and disclosure requirements in mind. Therefore anyone who engages in this market should bear in mind that a high growth potential of the quoted companies entails a higher investment risk. This stems from the particular profile of this market, bringing together companies with a short track record, operating in the most volatile and competitive segments of the economy, with relatively low market capitalisation.

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